How To Increase Breast Size Naturally In 30 Days Or Less

If you have been curious about the benefits of natural breast enlargement, you have come to the right place, increasing the size of your breasts with natural methods is no myth, it is real, every year thousands of women are able to enhance the size of their breasts without the need for surgery. You will find many methods on our website that are very affordable and can help you see visible results in less than 30 days.

Woman measuring her chest
Woman measuring her chest

Here are the answers to frequent questions asked about how to increase breast size using only natural methods.

Q. What is natural breast enlargement?

A. Natural breast enlargement is considered any method that is non-invasive or requires surgery, most methods that are used include vacuum therapy, applying herbs, creams, and massage. Both breast enhancement supplements and creams contain plant estrogens also known as phytoestrogens, they work by increasing hormone levels and increasing fatty tissue within the breasts. Other methods include massage and vacuum therapy which stimulate blood into the breasts which cause new cell growth within the breasts.

Q. How how long will it take to see visible results?

A. This is a common question that many women will ask and it is difficult to answer a lot depends on how much time you dedicate to any method. Breast creams normally take abut 3 weeks before women begin to see visible results,vacuum therapy takes a little longer for the results to become permanent, usually4-6 weeks but the effects are permanent, many women will use more than one method for faster results combining a breast cream and vacuum therapy.

Q. Are there any natural breast enlargement methods that can be used by men?

A. Because men have high amounts of testosterone, most men will need to undergo some kind of hormone therapy, however, one method that does work very well for men is vacuum therapy.

Q. How long do I need to use a natural breast enlargement method?

A. Some breast enlargement methods may  become a part of your daily routine, such as eating certain foods that promote breast enlargement. Another method, such as taking breast supplements, or applying a breast cream can be scaled down to a maintenance dose once you have reached your desired breast size.

What works best a breast cream or supplement?

A. This all depends on the ingredients of the product and the person. Some women who have taken supplements have complained the pills caused stomach irritation, some products come with both a breast cream and supplement and for best results, you should use both. If you think your stomach may be sensitive then you best option would be to purchase a breast cream.

Q. What kind of ingredients should I look for in a breast cream?

A. There are two main ingredients you will find in many popular breast enlargement creams, products like Breast Actives use Pueraria Mirifica while others like Total Curve use Volufiline, Pueraria Mirifica takes longer to work but the results are longer lasting, Products containing Volufiline work much faster but the results tend to fade after about 6 months.

Q. How big can I expect my breasts to get?

A. This all depends on the person, every woman will react differently to different breast enlargement methods, we have personally seen women who have used vacuum therapy (breast enlargement pump) increase the size of their breasts up to 4 cup sizes larger. Using a breast cream

Q. Can I reduce breast sagging with natural breast enlargement methods?

A. One  benefit of any natural breast enlargement method is the fact that not only will your breasts grow, breast creams will make your breasts much fuller and firmer with no side effects.

How effective are breast pumps (vacuum therapy) for breast enlargement?

A. Breast enlargement pumps are a very effective and inexpensive way for women to increase the size of their breasts, products like the Noogleberry can help increase breast size up to 3-4 cup sizes over a period of time and a complete kit cost just under $80.00

Q. How much should I expect on natural breast enlargement methods?

A. Breast enhancement products will range in price, on average a one month supply of most popular breast creams will cost anywhere between $60.00 to $150.00, a breast enlargement pump will run you less than $80.00, as you can see any breast enlargement method is much cheaper than surgery and just as effective.

Q. Are natural breast enlargement methods safe?

A. Natural breast enlargement methods are very safe and if you shop around you will find many products that contain all natural ingredients making them safe for everyday use, in some cases some women with extremely sensitive skin may suffer from a mild skin irritation but this is usually a very rare occurrence.

Are there breast creams that do not contain parabens?

A. Most popular breast creams only traces of parabens, there are some products that are completely paraben free, one popular product that only contains Pueraria Mirific and is paraben free is a product called Brestrogen.

Q. Is natural breast enlargement right for everyone?

To answer this question you should ask yourself a few things.

  • Are you someone who can commit to something that will take 3-6 months
  • Are you doing this for yourself and not because of peer pressure from someone else
  • Do you have realistic expectations of what you can expect to achieve with natural breast enlargement methods
  • Are you willing to try more than one methods to succeed

If you have answered no to any of the above questions most likely natural breast enlargement is not for you but if you have answered yes, achieving bigger breasts with natural methods can be very rewarding and best of all they are yours, natural breast enlargement can be a fun journey if you are willing to put forth some effort.