Herbs That Increase Breast Size

Herbs that increase breast size with little or no side effects

Herbs that increase breast size are a safe and natural method women have used for centuries. Today, there are many breast creams that include most of the herbs mentioned below making it easy for women to achieve up 1-2 cup sizes larger.

Dong Quai is an ancient Chinese herb that has been used for centuries in herbal medicine. Its primary use is as a tonic for the blood and as a female hormone regulator. It plays a role in increasing breast size. It is also used to treat the symptoms of menopause. Because breast size is directly related to the amounts and proportions of female hormones we have in our body, it’s vital that we have the correct balance.

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Estrogen is the main breast enhancing hormone, but we also need progesterone. Dong Quai helps prevent elevated estrogen levels, even though we need estrogen, too much can actually be counterproductive. The same applies if the levels are too low. The balance simply has to be right. Continue reading “Herbs That Increase Breast Size”

4 Natural Ways to Increase Breast Size

Surgery is not the only method for women to increase breast size in this article we discuss 4 natural ways to increase breast size

There are several ways for women to increase the size of their breasts, the most obvious approach is breast surgery which can be risky, however, if you have time and feel like being creative there are natural ways to make your breasts bigger while improving their shape, and reduce sagging.

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Nobody can argue that a natural approach is the safest way to increase breast size, the following four methods are all proven to help produce results. The great thing about natural breast enlargement is that it can very rewarding knowing that you have done it all yourself, without shelling out for expensive and possibly risky surgery.

Four Methods You Might Want To Try;

1. Breast Exercise
2. Breast Massage
3. Breast Pumps
4. Breast Nutrition

So that you can achieve the best possible results, you may wish to use more than one, or all four of the methods above. By investing some time on each method you could well be pleasantly surprised with the overall results!

1. Breast Exercise

The main objective of carrying out breast exercises is to build the muscle tone around the chest area in order to push your breasts forward and lift them. As with any exercise regime, it is vital to maintain it on a regular basis. Maximum results will be achieved by carrying our your exercise routine on a daily basis. At the very least three times a week if you want a good outcome. There are several different exercises that you can fit into your routine. Arm lifts, arm crosses and push ups are all very effective in helping to make your breasts appear larger. Push ups are ideal for lifting the breasts and giving you an enhanced cleavage. Continue reading “4 Natural Ways to Increase Breast Size”

Breast Success Herbal Breast Supplements

Breast Success claims to increase breast size by as much as three cups sizes bigger, in this article, we will explain what you should realistically expect.

Actually, the three cup-size increase has only been experienced by a very small number of women and this is not surprising. That sort of breast growth is very unusual, although not impossible. What’s more common is one-two cup sizes over a period of three to six months. Providing you understand this and realize that it can take a little time, then you can get some great results with Breast Success.


OK, so back to the evidence.. there is quite a few good testimonials and bear in mind that strict laws are now in place to ensure that testimonials like this are real and verifiable. As Breast Success has been around for almost 10 years, it’s highly unlikely that they would risk using false reviews on their site.

On average women who have used Breast Success have been able to achieve up to 2 cup sizes larger, some more and some slightly less,  what we do know is that the key ingredient in Breast Success (Volufiline™) has been clinically proven to increase breast size.

What makes Breast Success so effective is its combination of ingredients in both the cream and the supplement. When combined together the results are incredible. Continue reading “Breast Success Herbal Breast Supplements”

Breast Implants How Safe Are They?

Although breast implant surgery has become safer over the years, a very high percentage, over 90% will cause problems, often very serious problems within 20 years. A ruptured breast implant can be a pretty bad situation because implants may contain loads of chemicals that are highly toxic to the body.

The rupture rate is very low in the first 5 or 6 years after having the implants inserted, but it starts to increase as each year goes by. After 12 years, the risk of at least one implant breaking is almost 70%.

Breast Implants How Safe Are They?

Breast implants don’t last forever and often have to be replaced

These are GEL implants which were promoted as being safe… but in reality, you would need to have them replaced every 5 years to keep the risk at a minimum. Even then, the risk isn’t eliminated because even new implants can and do leak. The most dangerous thing of all is that a woman may not realize what’s happening because even the tiniest leak can cause severe health problems while the breast still looks and feels the same. Continue reading “Breast Implants How Safe Are They?”

Breast Actives Review

Breast Actives cream and supplement can help any woman rejuvenate their breasts and make them bigger with visible results in just 30 days.

Breast Actives is a top selling natural breast enhancement product, it has helped thousands of women increase the size of their breasts.  Breast Actives has been sold for over 11 years which says a lot, not only about the quality of the product but also for the company itself. They pride themselves on having great customer service and making it easy for customers to contact them.

Breast Actives Review

What is Breast Actives?

Breast Actives is an all natural breast enlargement product that is made for women who want to increase the size of their breasts, Breast Actives helps women increase the size of their breasts making it a  perfect alternative to risky breast surgery, Breast Actives includes a topical cream that is applied twice a day and a dietary supplement. Breast Actives can be used by women of any age, not only will it increase the size of your breasts, it will also reduce sagging while making your breasts fuller and more lifted. Continue reading “Breast Actives Review”