Breast Implants How Safe Are They?

Although breast implant surgery has become safer over the years, a very high percentage, over 90% will cause problems, often very serious problems within 20 years. A ruptured breast implant can be a pretty bad situation because implants may contain loads of chemicals that are highly toxic to the body.

The rupture rate is very low in the first 5 or 6 years after having the implants inserted, but it starts to increase as each year goes by. After 12 years, the risk of at least one implant breaking is almost 70%.

Breast Implants How Safe Are They?

Breast implants don’t last forever and often have to be replaced

These are GEL implants which were promoted as being safe… but in reality, you would need to have them replaced every 5 years to keep the risk at a minimum. Even then, the risk isn’t eliminated because even new implants can and do leak. The most dangerous thing of all is that a woman may not realize what’s happening because even the tiniest leak can cause severe health problems while the breast still looks and feels the same.

Particles of gel from leaking implants start to migrate throughout the body and can diffuse into the organs and even to the hands and feet where they can cause pain, swelling and scarring. The only way to remove these gel particles is by surgery.

Many women have been left chronically ill and disfigured. Implants have cost many their insurance, health, beauty, careers and even their lives.

More recently, saline implants have become common. Despite over 50,000 reports of adverse reactions to these types of implants in one year alone, they were still given the FDA seal of approval. The rate of women experiencing some sort of complication with saline-filled implants is as high as 80%!

Most women will opt for saline implants over silicone implants thinking that they are safer, the reality is that saline implants pose the same risks as silicone implants do. Saline implants use the same material on the outside to contain the liquid as silicone implants do. Not to mention that they can expose your body to unwanted bacteria  and fungus to accumulate.

Manufacturers are continually coming up with new types of implants and declaring them ‘safe’. The reality is that when you put a foreign object inside your body, there has to be a risk. The risk when it comes to breast implants has been proven to be higher than with any other type of cosmetic surgery.

To top it all, more and more health insurance companies are denying coverage for women with implants or even women who previously had implants.

Even if some of these risks are not life-threatening, such as loss of sensation, hypersensitivity, deformity of the breasts, breast tissue loss or infections… is it really worth it?

Although natural breast enhancing products will not give you that instant result and may never give you as much of an increase as you would like, at least you are not putting your health, looks and life on the line. Some all-natural products like Breast Actives are a pretty effective alternative to surgery and rather than harm your health, they can actually improve it!

Sometimes breast implants are the only way

If you are looking to have breast implants for the simple reason of looking better you may want to reconsider, however, if you are a woman who has suffered trauma to the breasts or had breast cancer where removal of the breasts was necessary then breast implants are effective for this reason but if you are healthy and are just doing it for cosmetic reasons you may want to think twice before having implant surgery.