Herbs That Increase Breast Size

Herbs that increase breast size with little or no side effects

Herbs that increase breast size are a safe and natural method women have used for centuries. Today, there are many breast creams that include most of the herbs mentioned below making it easy for women to achieve up 1-2 cup sizes larger.

Dong Quai is an ancient Chinese herb that has been used for centuries in herbal medicine. Its primary use is as a tonic for the blood and as a female hormone regulator. It plays a role in increasing breast size. It is also used to treat the symptoms of menopause. Because breast size is directly related to the amounts and proportions of female hormones we have in our body, it’s vital that we have the correct balance.

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Estrogen is the main breast enhancing hormone, but we also need progesterone. Dong Quai helps prevent elevated estrogen levels, even though we need estrogen, too much can actually be counterproductive. The same applies if the levels are too low. The balance simply has to be right.

When our hormones are balanced, we create the perfect environment within our body for producing new breast tissue. Additionally, all our other female functions are improved. Dong Quai Root can also increase fertility in women.

One of the biggest benefits from hormone balancing herbs is that they help your body stay young. Nobody can argue that Chinese women are known for their youthfulness, so it’s possible that herbs like Dong Quai, play a big part in this! Unlike some of the other breast enhancing herbs, Dong Quai should not be used if you are pregnant or nursing.

It’s always best to take any breast enlargement herb as part of a formula that combines it with others that are proven to have similar effects. Aside from that, you can buy it in liquid, powder or capsule form. Most commonly it’s sold as capsules and the cost is around $30 for a month’s supply. As you can see, it can start to get quite expensive if you purchase all, or even a selection of breast enhancing herbs individually. This is another good reason to choose a combination supplement.

Red Clover is not just a breast enlarging herb, it is commonly used in herbal cancer treatments. It has no known adverse side effects and it’s breast enhancing properties come from the isoflavones contained within it. These isoflavones are similar to estrogen and can help to stimulate breast growth and firmness.

Fennel Seed also contains estrogenic substances that can alter the levels of estrogen in our body. The highest concentrations of these substances are in the seeds, stalks and the roots.  As a traditional medicine, breastfeeding mothers use fennel to increase blood flow to the breast tissue.  Having good circulation in the breasts is important for increasing size.

Licorice boosts levels of the hormone prolactin as well as estrogen.  Prolactin is another key hormone that helps to stimulate new growth of breast tissue.

Anise is a medicinal herb that has been widely used in the past to increase breast milk in lactating mothers.  It’s also used to help balance out the female hormonal system.  The seeds of this plant (Anise seed) contain high levels of three compounds that boost the female hormones in the body.

No Clinical studies that prove herbs have an impact on breast enlargement

The naysayers will tell us that there is no real scientific evidence to support the fact that herbs can increase breast size.  However, what they really mean is there have been no laboratory trials carried out.  In fact, there have been trials conducted on many of them, but not under controlled laboratory conditions.  Therefore it’s argued that there is no real proof.  However, the same could be said of many things and the fact remains that 10′s of 1000′s of women are reporting breast size increase and an improvement in shape and firmness after using herbal breast products.

Although weight loss, weight gain, muscle mass, posture and several other factors can have some influence on breast size, shape and appearance, hormones are by far the biggest deciding factor.  Lack of one of the key hormones, or too much of another.. in other words any kind of imbalance, can affect the size of your breasts.

Using hormone balancing herbs to increase breast size makes so much sense because we are doing a lot more good for ourselves than just improving our breasts!